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Learn about the essentials of coolant history, formulation, and usage.
Introduction to Coolant
What is “coolant” — and what makes it so essential for your engine system? This video introduction to the basics of coolant will guide you towards understanding key elements of their formulation and usage.
Coolant Composition
What are the essential ingredients of high-quality coolant? Watch to learn more about coolant composition, including the roles played by water, glycol, and corrosion inhibitor packages, as well as the differences between concentrated and pre-mixed formulations.
Corrosion Inhibitors
What role do corrosion inhibitors play in modern coolant formulation? Discover the specific functions of corrosion inhibitors in this video, as well as their primary classes (organic and inorganic) and how these classes correlate to different coolant types and applications.
Global Coolant Manufacturing
How has modern coolant technology evolved all around the world? Watch this module to find out about determining the quality of various global coolant formulations, why certain regions prefer OAT & Hybrid coolant technologies, and more.
Learn about coolant usage in passenger vehicles and trucks.
Light-duty v. Heavy-duty Usage
What are the differences between light and heavy-duty coolant? From their unique roles/demands to the characteristics of universal versus nameplate-specific coolant, watch to become a pro at comparing and contrasting these two categories.
Light-duty Coolant Technology
What are the best ways to choose, use, and test LD coolant? Watch to learn more about the most important differences between IATs, OATs and hybrids, their compatibility, and tips and tricks for proper LD coolant servicing.
Light-duty Coolant Formulations
What are Recochem’s four main categories of LD coolant? In this video, we break down everything you need to know about our Universal, Global Extended Life, Extended Life, and OEM Badge specific coolant solutions.
Learn about coolant usage in large commercial vehicles and engines.
Heavy-duty Coolant Technology
How has HD coolant technology evolved to serve the current market? This module explores the movement towards nitrite-free coolant technology, the increased cooling demands of modern diesel engine designs, and much more — including the potentially-damaging effects of CAB flux.
Heavy-duty Coolant Best Practices
What are the best ways to choose, use, and test HD coolant? Some of the topics in this module include HD coolant compatibility, why fleets are transitioning from conventional to OAT coolant, how nitrite-free OAT formulations deliver better value, and the importance of managing uptime.
Heavy-duty Coolant Products
What Recochem HD coolant products are ideal for my needs? Classic, Premium, Extreme, Endurance, and Extra all bring special values and qualities to the table, so watch this video to make your coolant decision as easy as possible.

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